Van Wezel Security is an independent and reliable organization of security experts. Unobtrusive, yet phenomenally effective, we offer a complete cross-section of specialized security services, thus enabling us to be completely flexible.

For many years van Wezel Security has guarded physical, intellectual and material property. Not only security, but also detection and information gathering for companies and private individuals are areas of expertise that have been entrusted to our professionals.
Last but not least, van Wezel is entrusted with the protection of products, events and persons.Specialised, large-scale or high-risk sport, theatre and music events demand specialized security measures.
Each new project starts with a thorough risk analysis. Next, we design a security plan, specific to the requirements of your particular event. Van Wezel implements all aspects of the security plan using our own team of highly trained professionals, thereby ensuring that you receive the protection that only experience and professionalism provide. Van Wesel’s experience and professionalism guarantees your peace of mind.
Not only events, but also individuals can have recourse to temporary or fulltime protection services, due to their professional function or financial standing.  These individuals will find themselves in good and dependable hands with van Wezel ensuring their privacy and welfare.